Stargazer Dawn Hair Dye X 2


Stargazer Dawn Hair Dye X 2
Ref: DBB112-UN2

Stargazer Dawn Hair Dye X 2

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Easy to use Dawn Hair Dye from Stargazer.

Born in the 70’s punk scene Stargazer have been responsible for decades of crazy hair colour. Now’s the opportunity to have to funky colour you always wanted and with a 2 bottle discount – what are you waiting for!

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour free of ammonia or peroxide. Comes in a 70ml bottle complete with gloves.

Stargazer have been making Hair Colour for the Punk, Goth and Alternative community since the 70's and even to this day are still based in the UK. Feel good and add a splash of colour to your life!

Stargazer hair dyes are long lasting and work well on most hair types. If you have not used Stargazer Cosmetics before then we would always recommend carrying out a patch test first to ensure this hair dye is suitable for you.

Semi-permanent hair dyes such as Stargazer Dawn Hair Dye X 2 usually last up to 8 washes depending on your hair type

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